Plan For Your End Game

Are you taking tax deductions on your home office? Do you know how the tax rules when you leave that house? Are you getting married? Talk to someone about the death of their spouse, or someone who’s been through a divorce. Buying a new hybrid car? Do you know what to do with hundreds of pounds of hazardous waste batteries? Are you born? Best think of what’s going on in eternity after you die. Buying that great investment is a decision. The decision to sell will be more meaningful to your overall gain.

What’s the theme? Simple: we’re often awestruck by getting into that cool new thing we desire. Plan for how the situation is going to end. It will set the path between here and there. You’ll know where you’re going. It cuts down on pain. It minimized wasted heart beats.

Done habitually, a steady but not excessive look forward will reap efficiency and excess capacity today. Maybe it’s more money because you’re out of debt. Maybe it’s more time with your wife or kids. Maybe it’s doing that thing together with a friend because you know the time you’ll live in the same city is finite.

Thinking a little bit about tomorrow will make today better. That’s just my opinion.

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