Give It Less Thought

Sometimes there are specific tasks that need to be done.  Nearly perfectly, without mistakes.  If you have these in front of you, do them as required.  But when you’re in pursuit of a relationship, the rules change.  In this case, send that letter, fill out the form, or answer the query, even if the response isn’t perfect yet.

In means as much to the recipient now as it it will later if you fix it.  Don’t re-accomplish the whole thing.  Or think about it again.  Or plan to reword a few items.

If it’s a relationship that was meant to be, a few word tweaks aren’t going to make or break the situation.  If they have a propensity to think badly of you, I bet a perfect letter isn’t going to fix the situation.  On the other hand, if they favor your presence and who you are, they are willing to read right past any mistake you might not catch.

Pursuit of Task Goals and Pursuit of Relationships are both legitimate activities.  I suspect they’re pursued in very different ways.

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