Social Security Number Disclosure is Voluntary – So Is Breathing

“You called the Customer Service line. No, we can’t help you. You have to go to the web page”

On that web page, it gives the same phone number I called. “Yes, but we can’t change the information”. You have to submit a request on line.

Who does that go to? “It comes to us”. So, can I tell you the change or submit the request to you? “No, you have to go to the web page, register, and fill out an on-line request.” So what do you do at this 800 number? “We direct you to the web page”.

(okay, I made up the last question and answer, but it gets worse…)

So I go on line and poke the registration button, and it asks for my social security number. Out of curiosity, I poke the little “?” next to the entry field. And it says: “The Social Security Number is used to register you and verify your information. Disclosure is voluntary but an account cannot be created without this information.”

And without an account, updates can’t be done. So, what is exactly voluntary?

Support organizations sure aren’t what they used to be.

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