Chinese Blog Censorship Entrapment

Slashdot reports that a Chinese blogger faked government censorship of his website, and then critiqued the western press for jumping on the story.

Specifically, the Wall Street Journal reports that Wang Xiaofeng wrote “Due to unavoidable reasons with which everyone is familiar, this blog is temporarily closed.” ..which is basically saying “Due to government sensorship, this blog is closed.” Here in the west, that would be called entrapment. Why the phrase “..with which everyone is familiar”? You know the answer: he wanted to make readers think of government censorship.

And then he has the gall to say Western press “irresponsible” and that the hoax was designed “to give foreign media a lesson that Chinese affairs are not always the way you think.”

What a childish toy game he’s playing. Obviously he doesn’t understand that lying to others, and then lambasting them for believing what he said, is professional suicide. Do you think anybody will give a hoot about what happens to his blog now? All his peers should be pissed at the spillover effect.

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