Personal Dynamic Range

Some people bend metal for a job. Others design airplanes to use the metal. Others market the airplanes to customers. Others sell. Yet others manage the whole activity. And somewhere, there’s a person who invested and owns the entire process. How many jobs along the scale can a person simultaneously do?

Extending out in the directions represented by the above example is sort of like a personal “dynamic range”. It’s how far your brain and skills can reach both ways. I periodically hit a limit and see fertile ground in a new direction, that I could plow, plant, and reap harvest from. I’ve expanded out in more directions than most people, but having done so, I’ve experience first hand, and only recently admitted to myself, that I have a dynamic range limit. In other words, I can’t keep adding on things I do. I have to let something go on the other side of the range.

And that’s not really precise. It’s not an issue of letting go. I never let go of knowledge, experience, and familiarity. But I have to let go of simultaneously being active across all ranges. Well, unless I aggressively narrow the scope. But that’s really the same dynamic range limit in as much as a metal bender could learn about different metals, get a degree in metalurgy, material science, molecular technologies, etc..

Maybe scope of a vocation and dynamic range are synonomous terms.

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