Opting-out of opt-out

I read of Google’s efforts to scan many significant works and make portions available, or at least searchable through their website, selling ad space during the process. To be sure, they offer any author the option of opting out. This is very similar to their willingness to let an individual opt-out of their phone and address being presented as a search result when someone queires their name.

Truth is, I’m tired of opt-ing out. These things pop up like mushrooms. Can everybody and their brother use me, my identity, my work, my me, to their pleasure as long as they give me a way to opt-out? I have liked Google. But I agree with the author above that stealing something and politely giving it back, if asked, is still wrong. It forces me to unecessarily and repeatedly keep inventory of what is mine. My life becomes competition with all those who would take, rather than enjoying the life I built with my labor.

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