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I normally copy a 3 CD-ROM set of Mandrake (now Mandriva) Linux a few months after it becomes available. Fall or early Winter, I do upgrades to my system. This time, I could not get the install procedure to read the 2nd or 3rd CD-ROM.

I rooted around on the web, and found Mandrive had just come out with their 2006 version, instead of the 10.2 edition I was trying to load via CD-ROM. Ver 2006 was not yet released on CD-ROMs, so all I could find was the full ftp directory of all rpms and associated startup files. I started downloading the entire directory, but was looking at 40+ hours.

As I started reading files that arrived, I decided to make a network bootable floppy, and do the install totally remote. No packages were stored locally. Instead, only those that I had requested would come down over the network. Estimated install time (including transfering 893 packages over my internet link) was estimated to take 5+20 hours. I pressed “go”.

Heading to bed, now. Should be done about 2am or 3am. I’ll find it tomorrow morning. This is the first time I’ve installed software with no install disks locally. Seems to be working fine, although I’m still concerned about isolation, where my computer can’t get the network or what was on the network no longer is. I guess I’ll go ahead and do the full install directory download after I get the system up and running. Give it a few months, and the 3-volume set will probably hit the streets. 🙂

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