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Russian History is America’s Future

Present day Russia can be seen as the 5th empire to rise from its present geographic location. The second empire (Muskanov 1400-1605) cemented in place modus operandi that continue to this day.  Sadly, in this history, I recognize a lot … Continue reading

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Google Earth Military Utility Remains Limited

People are becoming aware of military or weapon targeting uses for Google Earth and other public data repositories. However, changing concepts of warfare give a different conclusion.

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Military Strategists and Physics Theories

Several weeks ago, I found myself in a discussion with military strategists about Schrödinger’s half dead cat . Then I came across Beyerchen’s description of Clausewitz as non-linear war, first published in International Security back in 1992. This proximity of … Continue reading

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Stuxnet Innovation Masquerade

With more than three decades experience programming calculators and computers, and three years experience as a Sr. System Engineer programming industrial PC-based real-time controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and other SCADA systems, I would propose that Stuxnet was not particularly … Continue reading

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Gift Giving Economies vs. Capitalism

We’ve changed in the last 20 years.  When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, it was because he saw his richer brother nation and wanted to take what they had and use it for himself.  The world responded with horror and we … Continue reading

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