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Obamacare Tax is the Other Half of Everything

Andrew Packer wrote “Obamacare Decision Says: ‘We Can Tax You on Anything – Whether You Buy It or Not‘”  Well, yes, true.  Yet his post, like all the others’ I’ve read, doesn’t capture the ugly symmetry in this Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Taxing Income or Assets

In a prior post, I talked about taxing in a “fair” way, and this drew my attention toward another question. Should we tax income or assets?

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Do Statistics Prove Right or Wrong?

EAA and AOPA are pushing for relaxed medical licensing of pilots. Maintenance employees of WECO Aerospace before 2007 were misrepresenting work done on aircraft. Bear with me for a minute while I connect the two news stories.

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Knowing Right from Wrong(ed)

Regardless of a person’s moral center, a mature person has times when they wonder if they’re centered correctly on truth. Knowing where you’re at is valuable and gives an inner peace.

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Reservist Military Retirement Division

[Complete text is at a new location: http://www.increa.com/articles/division-military-retirement-dual-coverture] When dividing the marriage asset of military retirement pay due to divorce, the issues are superbly different than any other type of retirement. When dealing with normal civilian retirements, a coverture fraction … Continue reading

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