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Jobs Bill Alternate Wisdom

Let’s do the numbers.  Obama’s job bill costs $475,000,000,000.00 dollars.  The plan claims to create (or save) 2.5M jobs. First off, notice the “or save” part of the claim.  That’s the same rhetoric used with the first stimulus, however the … Continue reading

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False Safety in Cloud Computing

In the WSJ today, an article appeared, titled, “Seeking Safety in Clouds“.  Basically, small and medium businesses are flocking to cloud computing or outsourced IT solutions for data security and integrity.  News for you all: the risks are not better … Continue reading

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Paying for Uninsured Health Care Costs

Here is the answer Ron Paul should have given 2 nights ago at the Republican debate, when asked about the hypothetical well-to-do 30-year old person who chooses to be uninsured, and then develops a chronic illness and needs care.

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Localization is Better than Globalization – Part 2

I previously wrote Part 1, which questions assumptions that everything is better when globalized. California is now taxing internet companies that have no physical presence in-state, and use no state services.  Their stated intent (a.k.a. spin) is that in order … Continue reading

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Localization is Better Than Globalization

What’s all this Globalization, Anyhow?  As I ponder a range of issues, localization begins to look more and more attractive as the baggage of globalization outweighs it’s assumed benefits.

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