Palm V Screen Calibration Broken – Solution

You’ll see various version of this complaint all over the web. I was ready to discard my Palm V due to the same problem. Then I accidentally stumbled across a solution.

This solution may work for you or may not. Please let me know. I haven’t extensively tested it, but this I know: My Palm screen digitizer calibration problem would not go away even after multiple resets and trying everything else I could find on the web. Now, it’s worked fine for months.

I haven’t seen anyone else mention this solution, so I wanted to publicly post it and hope the search engines find this post.

In preparation for decommissioning my Palm V, I copied all the notes off the device onto my desktop.

I pulled everything off the Palm device, reset it, and the calibration worked. On a hunch, I checked all the note files and realized some were larger than the 4K limit. So I edited the notes off line to make sure each was less than 4K or just didn’t reload the big ones.

I created a new user from scratch, uploaded only notes and addresses, and now my Palm V is back working with perfect screen calibration.


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