God is a River

Corrections below, using http://www.guntheranderson.com/v/data/godisari.htm as the starting point.
ARTIST: Peter Mayer
TITLE: God Is a River
Lyrics and Chords

[ Amadd9 = x02410 ; A7/C# = x42020 ]

[Capo 2]

Intro: / Amadd9 Em7 C Em7 / / 

In the ever-shifting waters of the river of this life
I was swimming, seeking comfort; I was wrestling waves to find
A boulder I could cling to, a stone to hold me fast
Where I let the fretful water of this river 'round me pass

/ Amadd9 Em7 C Em7 / / / Amadd9 Em7 C A7/C# / Bm G Em7 AAsus4 A / 

And so I found an anchor, a blessed resting place
A trusty rock I called my savior, for there I would be safe
From the river and its dangers, and I proclaimed my rock divine
And I prayed to it "protect me" and the rock replied

... / Bm G Em7 A7 - - /

God is a river, not just a stone
God is a wild, raging rapids
And a slow, meandering flow
God is a deep and narrow passage
A peaceful, sandy shore
God is a river, swimmer
So let go

/ D - A7 - / A7sus4 A7 / D - / G - / D Bm / G A7 A7sus4A7 / Intro / 

Still I clung to my rock tightly with conviction in my arms
Never looking at the stream to keep my mind from thoughts of harm
But the river kept on coming, kept on tugging at my legs
Till at last my fingers faltered, and I was swept away

So I'm going with the flow now, these relentless twists and bends
Acclimating to the motion, and a sense of being led
And this river's like my body now, it carries me along
Through the ever-changing scenes and by the rocks that sing their song


... / G A7 / Bm - /

God is the river, swimmer
So let go

/ G A7 A7sus4A7 / Intro /

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