Domain Email Problems

I had my domain hosted with DirectNIC, and they forwarded all email unless it met some filter criterion of username or subject or something like that. Then it could be sent elsewhere or deleted. This worked well for years.

I recently switched my web hosting to, who handles mail through servers. LOTS more features here, but they don’t always work the way I’d like.

For example, there is no way to apply the Spam Assassin score machine or the Box Trapper email verification system to global usernames at the domain. As with DirectNIC, email can forward or be deleted. But higher level functions work only on specifically created usernames. Ugghh…

My goal was to force people using any unknown username to reply to a verification email unless they are on my white list. My problem is that I have many domain email address out there (each different through the years so I could identify the source). I can’t remember them all to create individual usernames. Even if I could, it would be dozens of email addresses I’d have to create and configure each for the extra mail handling services beyond “forward or dump”. ©

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